About Us

CiRide (City = Ride) is a rideshare technology company built on mobile applications and website. CiRide facilitate the ride services in metropolitan areas by connecting passengers with For-Hire service providers (drivers). We offer our services by using website and two mobile applications: 1.CiRide mobile application for passengers use to request a ride. 2. CiRide Driver for For-Hire service providers (drivers) use to operate and accept rides on the platform. At CiRide, we take great pride in providing a highly innovative, user-friendly, modern mobile application and website for customers to use and request for a ride while drivers can use our service offering to generate income. We provide a venue to enable persons seeking transportation to certain destinations, find, and choose persons driving to or through those destinations. We are certain that our customers will be completely satisfied with our prompt, affordable, and efficient ridesharing service when selecting a ride through CiRide. We want to ensure reliable, on-demand transportation to meet customers' standards, budget, and timeline with a ride of their choice, providing a mutually beneficial transportation system that prioritizes quality and safety for riders and drivers alike. We are dedicated to giving the very best ridesharing experience, focusing on safety, reliability, dependability, and quality service. Our drivers are highly experienced. They are dedicated to providing the highest-quality city ride service to keep customers safe, happy, and timely.

Special Safety Features

The Corona Virus Pandemic has changed the way we live, but this app allows you to move about in the new normal. Take a safe trip with the app loaded with specialized Covid-19 precaution features like ensuring that the ride only begins once the driver confirms that he or she is wearing a face mask, a checklist on safety regulations while booking, and much more. Our goal is to get you where you want to go, and empower you to dream on more in the safest and most secure way. Enjoy a safe, hygienic and sanitized trip all the way!

Standout Attributes

ciride offers unique features like Ride now or Ride later, Rent a Taxi, booking taxi using your business account, book for handicapped people, book taxi for someone else, easy payments and many more.

Easy Payment

With our pre-integrated wallet as well as the flexibility to choose from different payment modes like cash, card or wallet, we make sure that the payment process is easy.

Real-Time Tracking

We understand the frustration you feel when you have to keep waiting indefinitely for a Ride. Therefore, with our real-time tracking feature, you can keep track of the whereabouts and exact time of arrival of ride. Accordingly you can call or message Driver.

How to Use CiRide App

CiRide is extremely easy to use as well as operate. You can book a Taxi using Application, Website or simply by calling us. This is how this magnanimous app works.

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